LECTURE: Migration, COVID-19 and Care Ethics

The COVID-19 pandemic converges with the migration crisis that started in 2015. COVID-19 not only uncovers the vulnerable position of refugees in the overcrowded refugees camps at the EU-borders and of undocumented migrants in the EU, it also leads to the scapegoating of refugees for spreading the virus. Moreover, it legitimises the reinforcement of EU border control and further restrictions of the freedom of movement.

The convergence of the pandemic and migration crisis, poses important ethical questions. On the 18th of June at 19:30, Amanda Cawston (Tilburg University) and Pieter Dronkers (University of Humanistic Studies) will discuss some of them from a (care) ethical perspective.

Pieter Dronkers will introduce and apply care ethics to look at the refusal of the Dutch government to resettle 500 unaccompanied refugee children in the Netherlands.

Amanda Cawston will take a broader perspective and ask the question whether the pandemic might offer the opportunity to take up the question of whether and how state borders can be justified at all.

Both speakers will give a short introduction after which there is ample time for discussion and questions.


ZOOM LINK TO THE LECTURE: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82497425773