Shooting the Canon: Aiming for new Perspectives

We are joining forces with MAP and Studium Generale to host a symposium on May 25th ‘Shooting the Canon: Aiming for New Perspectives’! The canon, the accepted list of great works and great authors, has come under scrutiny for maintaining status quo narratives about whiteness, masculinity, heterosexuality, and ability. The canon is not only dominated by Western straight white males, it also stretches back to a distant past with attitudes very different from those of our own. Some of its texts make troubling assumptions about gender relations, sexual preference, race, and empire. At times, these texts even make arguments defending such prejudices, as when Aristotle infamously claimed that some human beings are born to be slaves. In this symposium we will talk with Katarina Mihaljević, Odile Heynders and Amanda Cawston about ways to increase diversity within the academic world of philosophy.

For more information, check out the website of Studium Generale.

The lecture will be streamed from 20:00 via our Twitch-channel.