Master seminar: the posthuman subject: critique and creativity

Date: Thursday 15-3
Time: 19:45 – 21:30
Location: DZ 5


Prof.dr. Rosi Braidotti (Utrecht University)


This lecture outlines the emergence of a posthuman vision of the subject in contemporary critical theory. Her working definition of the posthuman is the convergence of post-humanism with post-anthropocentrism. The former critiques the universalist idea of ‘Man’ as the alleged ‘measure of all things’. The latter criticizes species hierarchy and the assumption of human exceptionalism. She will explore briefly the implications of the posthuman turn for political subjectivity, notably in terms of the relation between human and non-human agents. Resting on a Deleuzian framework, Braidotti will make a case for a vital neo-materialist vision of posthuman subjectivity and for an affirmative posthuman relational ethics.

Some of Rosi Braidotti’s recent books: The Posthuman (2013) Conflicting Humanities (with Paul Gilroy, 2018) and The Posthuman Glossary with Maria Hlavajova, 2018).

There will be drinks afterwards and there will be a Dante gala this night as well (starting at 22:00 @ Club Smederij):