Do you have an obligation to develop your talents?

Lezing met een twist! Voor dit evenement werken we samen met Filosofest, een organisatie gericht op connectie en meaningful conversations. Dit zal een evenement worden met een twist. De spreker van de avond, dr. Catherine Robb, zal eerst een lezing geven om het onderwerp te introduceren. Maar dit is niet simpelweg een lezing waarbij het publiek enkel zit en luistert, want na de lezing zullen we in groepjes gaan zitten en het onderwerp bediscussiëren. Zo kun je geïnspireerd worden door anderen en hun ideeën.

Do you have an obligation to develop your talents? 
Talents often play a central role in the way we live and organise our lives. They will dictate what subjects we study at university, what careers and hobbies we pursue, and sometimes even the values that we live by. Talents also impact on how societies are organised; the government will redistribute resources depending on the differing talents of its citizens, and the way in which they are used for an effective running of a community. Given this importance, it might seem obvious that we have an obligation to develop our talents, both for our own and others’ well-being. However, on closer inspection, it’s not so clear that this is the case! In this talk, we’ll explore different reasons for why we may or not have an obligation to develop our talents, and the implications that this has for our lives. 


Catherine completed her PhD in Philosophy from the University of Glasgow in 2017. Her research interests are in ethics and political philosophy, particularly the nature and value of self-development and the implications this has for well-being, morality and equality. She also does active research in aesthetics, phenomenology and the philosophy of music, currently working on Merleau-Ponty’s phenomenological account of music, silence and ideas.




20.00: doors open

20.10: start/introduction guest speaker

20.15-21.00: first round of discussion 

21.00-21.15: break/drinks

21.15-21.45: lecture by dr. Catherine Robb

21.45-22.00: break/drinks

22.00-22.30: second round of discussion