Debate Workshop by Debating Association Cicero

Defend the honor of philosophy! Extra Muros will take on Sapi at being right.

Have you always wanted to be more pursuasive and win more discussions? Debating association Cicero organizes a workshop together with Extra Muros and Sapientia Ludenda on how to build a solid argument using the SAIL-method.

In this interactive workshop, debate trainers from Cicero will teach you the fundamentals of a good argument. After the workshop we have a few lower house-style debates where you get to destroy your opponents (verbally) using the skills you just learned. The topics we discuss are decided by members of Extra Muros and Sapientia Ludenda, so just let us know what crazy philosophical/political incorrect motion you want to debate.

Free entrance to Sapi-members, Extra Muros-members and Cicero-members

€ 3,00 for students

€ 5,00 for all others