Debatable: Brexit, an academic catastrophe?

The UK’s departure from the EU will inevitably have an impact on European higher education and research. How do universities prepare for a -deal or no deal- Brexit? What consequences may it have for students and staff? Is a Brexit a academic catastrophe?

Your opinion on the effect of a Brexit on Academia:
We want to discuss this topic together with you. What do you think about it? We hope to see you there and to hear your opinion!

Debatable is a news event at Tilburg University that critically reflects about current topics. Our main goal is to stimulate the discussion and debate on campus about the news. During these sessions, a panel will discuss current topics. The panel consists of students and experts from various backgrounds. You, the audience, can freely join in the discussion to broaden everyone’s view on the subject at hand.

Organized by Academic Forum (Tilburg University) in cooperation with study associations Cicero, Sapientia ludenda, Elsa Tilburg and Extra Muros.

*This event may count towards the Academic Forum Certificate